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                  Anhui Kailin New Material Co., Ltd


                  Contact: Manager Wang



                  Zip code:239300

                  Address: Tianchang City, Anhui Province, Tongcheng Chemical Industrial Park, Henry Road

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              The following is the current specific job responsibilities and requirements, please read, please fill in the registration form is sent to the applicant:tcklhg@163.com

              Rezhao jobs Download the registration form

              Job responsibilities:

              Job Title: Clerk

              Departments: Clerk

              Recruitment number: 1 people

              Career Requirements:

              Companies due to business development needs, is a clerk recruitment requirements:

              Be able to master office software OFFICE;

              Writing well, clear thinking, to prepare standard format documents;

              Stable personality, affinity, good communication;

              To assist in the future completion of the various departments of data collation, writing, coordination, distribution work;

              Relevant work experience is preferred.

              Investment Hotline0550-7911368


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