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              Inner wall nano waterproof sealant

              Product introduction

              Form :
              Main characteristics :
              Purpose :
              Appearance :

              Product character

              1, to water-based nano-emulsion and infiltration of crystalline polymer materials as the main body, supported by eco-supporting materials, the use of special production process.

              2, non-toxic and tasteless, non-flammable non-explosive; permeability is good, strong bonding; moisture mildew, water resistant alkali; can effectively block the precipitation of soluble salts and alkalis, balance the water absorption of the substrate to improve the surface coating feel and Texture; make loose wall tightly, allowing the wall finishing materials and the wall firmly combined, can not afford to skin, not back to alkali; construction convenient, safe and efficient.

              Scope of application

              Widely applicable to a variety of old and new wall surface of the bottom closed, but also apply to the wall batching putty closed surface.

              Technical indicators

              1, the theoretical spreading rate: 8 to 10 square meters / kg (flat coated one)

              2, surface dry time: ≤ 2h, hard work time: ≤ 24h

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