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              New eco - interior latex paint

              Product introduction

              Form :
              Main characteristics :
              Purpose :
              Appearance :

              Product character

              A kind of water as the dispersion medium, a variety of water-insoluble ester polymer film-forming material, adding a variety of auxiliary components made. Because of its film-forming material is not soluble in water, coating water resistance and weather resistance greatly improved, without leaving a trace after the wet cloth scrubbing, and a plain, high-light, and other decorative types of latex paint.

              1, full film, feel fine; good adhesion, hiding power; health and environmental protection, affordable.

              2, no powder, no yellowing, fast net taste, ecological health.

              3, high whiteness, non-reflective, brushing area, decorative effect.

              Scope of application

              Applicable to low-cost housing, affordable housing, residential quarters, workshop warehouses, buildings and other large areas of the painting by the interior wall painting.

              Construction conditions and methods

              1, the wall should be basically dry, grass-roots moisture content of not more than 10%.

              2, plastering operations have been completed, over the wall pipe, hole, yin and yang angle, such as early processing is completed.

              3, windows and doors should be installed in advance of the glass.

              4, large-scale construction should be a good model.

              5, the construction: primary treatment → repair wall → first pass putty, polished → second pass putty, polished → brush the first pass → → putty putty → polished → brush the second pass coating → polished (Light) → brush the third time coating


              1, before the coating to confirm the substrate to coating requirements;

              2, should be between 5-35 ℃ painting, painting the required air humidity should be less than 85%;

              3, select the appropriate construction methods and appropriate construction tools, according to the recommended construction process for construction operations;

              4, control the coating interval, to achieve re-coating time, before the next brushing. Too short time will cause the re-coating the bottom of the slow drying, wrinkling and other issues; one-time brushing should not be too thick.

              5, Do not mix with organic solvents, acid and alkali, oil and other chemicals.

              6, construction should maintain air circulation, paint should be away from direct sunlight and heat.

              7, in order to avoid contaminated skin and eyes or inhalation of excessive mist, use a mask, gloves and other protective equipment.

              8, such as contaminated eyes, immediately wash with plenty of water and ask the doctor for treatment.

              9, placed in places where children can not get.

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