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              Water - based tunnel fire - resistant coating

              Product introduction

              Form :
              Main characteristics :
              Purpose :
              Appearance :

              Product character

              1, the product from the water passivation agent, rust conversion agent, special imported materials, and various additives, deionized water from modulation.

              2, with water as the dispersion medium, non-flammable non-explosive, non-polluting; non-toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and other benzene series, low VOC, zero formaldehyde, heavy metal content below the national mandatory standards, no irritating odor, Non-toxic and so on.

              3, baking at room temperature or low temperature, dry explosion quickly.

              4, with excellent construction performance, the substrate surface is not processed clean rust, into a useful passive film, more conducive to rust coating operation.


              Scope of application

              This product is suitable for automotive, petroleum, chemical, mechanical and other industries of steel substrate rust.


              Technical indicators



              Film thickness(μm)


              Adhesion (grade)


              Bending test(mm)


              Aluminum pen hardness(H)


              Impact strength(kg/cm)



              Construction reference

              1, the use of electric tools or hand tools to the substrate surface of the floating rust, oil, ash and foreign matter handled clean, to surface treatment level ST2.

              2, you can brush, spray, dip coating, construction temperature> 5 ℃, humidity ≤ 85%.

              3, most of the substrate oil is cleaned with cleaning agents, oil can be handled directly. Soaking at 40-50 ℃ for 5-15min, the best effect.



              This product can not be painted after the water, preferably within 24h painted finish. Film reddish brown spots are a normal phenomenon, does not affect the coating performance.

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