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              Water-based fluorocarbon anticorrosive finish

              Product introduction

              Form :
              Main characteristics :
              Purpose :
              Appearance :

              Product character

              1, excellent corrosion resistance: thanks to excellent chemical inertness, the coating acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances and a variety of chemical solvents for substrate protection provides an effective barrier. Coating hard, impact resistance, buckling resistance, wear resistance, showing excellent physical and mechanical properties.

              2, maintenance-free, self-cleaning: fluorocarbon coating has a very low surface tension, stain-resistant performance, the surface dust can be natural clean by rain; excellent hydrophobic (maximum water absorption <5%), , A very small coefficient of friction (0.15-0.17), will not stick dust fouling, which laid the foundation for its anti-fouling properties.

              3, superior adhesion: fluorocarbon coating in copper, stainless steel and other metal substrates and polyester, polyurethane, polyethylene and other clinker substrate, cement, composite surface has a strong adhesion, the basic show Should be attached to the surface of any substrate characteristics.

              4, high decorative performance: film full, delicate smooth, uniform color, feel natural; with 60 degrees gloss meter test, the coating can reach 80% or more high-gloss.

              5, long durability: Fluorocarbon coating contains a lot of FC bond, determines its superior stability, not powder, do not fade, the service life of up to 20 years or more, with more than any other coating For the excellent performance.


              Scope of application

              This product is mainly applicable to key construction facilities, steel structures, engineering facilities, permanent coating.

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