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              Division I and Anhui Science and Technology University to carry out research cooperation

              2017/5/5 16:15:19
              Desc:In May 3, 2017, our chairman Wang Heshan and his party made a special trip to visit Anhui Science an

              In May 3, 2017, our chairman Wang Heshan and his party made a special trip to visit Anhui Science and Technology University. Vice President Wang Jianfei and the Wang Dong Institute of science and technology of the exchange, vice president Wang describes the direction and ideas of school enterprise cooperation, the expression of the science and Technology College attaches great importance to the research of the project, the two sides talked about cooperation prospects. Wang Mingqing, Secretary of the College of chemistry and materials science and technology, introduced the basic situation, academic strengths and research strengths. Professor Wang Chun, Professor of technical personnel and Technology Institute of China, Professor Chen Junhua, on scientific research projects in detail, finally reached a consensus

              At 11:18 on May 3rd, the two sides held a signing ceremony of the cooperation between industry, University and Research Institute in the conference room. Professor Yu Hao, Professor of Chemical Engineering College of science and technology, and Mr. Sun Guangming, President of the people's Congress, attended the meeting and congratulated the agreement.

              Anhui Science and Technology University is a provincial key university, the school of chemical and material engineering have the advantage of the academic team, 35 full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 9 associate professors, including master's doctoral degrees of 14 people, 14 people; the number of scientific research have won awards at all levels of provinces and cities.

              Anhui Kai Lin new materials Limited by Share Ltd is a leading enterprise in Anhui marine coating industry, is vigorously expanding industrial coatings and building materials in the field of home coatings. With the cooperation of Anhui Science and Technology University, will greatly promote the division in the new environmental protection coating on the R &amp; D project reserves, accelerate the transformation of new waterborne paint and other high-tech products, as the profitability of the enterprise growth lay solid foundation.

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